Education, Empathy and Empowerment


We believe that the best way to prevent and intervene effectively is through education. Identification alone isn’t enough. We must move into service provision, which is a specialized topic that we would be honored to work with you on.


In order to effectively serve trafficking survivors you must think outside the box. Take into consideration that you may not have lived it, but you can grasp the WHY of what makes a person behave in a certain manner. Once you can do this, you can learn to empower the survivor.


Assisting trafficking survivors in becoming confident and capable of controlling their life and exercising their human rights is at the root of empowerment. We must create a social context which gives voice to the survivor in political, educational and religious contexts. Empowerment encourages survivors to discover their identity with no biases. Our team would like to empower you with the tools to do just that!

Speaking and Trainings

Here are some of the topics we provide training on.
We can tailor all of our events to fit your audience needs. Let us empower YOU through education.

With over 10 years’ experience working with trauma victims, Amy Andrews is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Survivors Consultation Network which provides crisis interventions, trauma informed advocacy and mentorship, placement assistance and court advocacy. With 20 keynote speeches and over 50 public appearances, Ms. Andrews is also a well-known and established public speaker. She speaks at conferences and holds informational workshops and trainings on issues related to Human Trafficking throughout the United States for public, private and government agencies as an independent consultant. Amy Andrews is a certified human trafficking advocate, a certified court advocate and a true subject matter expert. She works collaboratively with NGO’s and governmental agencies to develop strategies for best practices. Amy also developed a vicarious trauma prevention retreat for survivor leaders who are working as advocates and providing services to other victims. During her career, Ms. Andrews has accomplished many firsts. In 2014, Amy was the first trafficking survivor in San Bernardino County who was asked to accompany Law Enforcement in a nationwide sweep, (Operation Cross Country.) She was asked to provide advocacy to the victims who were arrested. Amy’s organization is also the first to secure trafficking specific housing for a minor victim, and have the courts release the victim to her and then transport victim to facility. Amy has experience speaking to and training psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists’, social workers, law enforcement, teachers, high school and college students, counselors as well as spiritual and religious individuals. Her inclusive approach holds great value in breaking apart the roots of human trafficking in a collaborative way. She enjoys incorporating humor into her public appearances due to the level of seriousness the topic of human trafficking carries. She occasionally performs spoken word and is a published poet and playwright.

  • E4

    Empathize, Embrace, Encourage, Empower. A training on response techniques for service providers.

  • The Basics

    This training is targeted for the audience who wants to learn what Human Trafficking is. Case studies, pre and post tests and follow-up planning is included.

  • FFA Involvement

    This training is available to those agencies interested in certifying their families to identify and provide culturally sensitive services to their CSEC youth.

  • Self Awareness and Boundaries

    This is a training that is designed for youth, but can be fun for service providers as well. With this training we explore identity formation and expose vulnerabilities. Interactive activities and follow-up also available for this training.


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